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Мики, 40 Овен, 東京都 | mikilivetok | vnemira.ru
I live in Tokyo. Looking for women who are interested in Japan. Looking for woman in a long distance relationship and I prepared. Want to able to regularly contact, gentle and patient woman.
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Я ищу
  • Я ищу девушку от 22 до 36 для создания семьи.
Личная информация
  • 181 см, черные волосы и серые глаза.
  • Свободен
  • Возможны в будущем
  • Снимаю комнату
  • Очень хорошо зарабатываю
  • Не курю, к курящим отношусь нейтрально
  • Не пью, не терплю выпивающих
  • Английский(начальный)
Сексуальные предпочтения
  • Гетеро
  • A Game of Thrones/Snow

    The Hobbit, or There and Back Again/Thorin II / Oakenshield
  • inari-susi,takoyaki.
  • My heart is generous. I do not have that much to get angry. I will forgive most likely thing.
  • My work is a concierge to sell luxury personal computer. It is to provide a happy life style to our customers.

    I sell personal computer is like a BMW analogy. Robust and lightweight, battery last longer. Weakness is not found. It has been producing all of the parts in Japan. It is expensive, but there is no compromise in quality. I love this product.